Should we have expectations in life?

Expectations and “ho mia” Does happiness equate to the state of mind when we feel our expectations are fully met? DA and CBK organised my 50th bash just as requested,   quality time at home with us, us and us.  As I am writing this, reflecting on the events of the actual day.  It was beyond expectations.  I am still feeling  rather zen.   Hokkiens describe the state of achieving one’s life blessing as being “ho mia”.  And that’s exactly how I feel…..very “ho mia” indeed. To or not to expect I remember feeling disappointed on my 49th birthday.    No gesture , nothing from CBK. It’s as if I didn’t… Read More

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Learning to appreciate the changing landscape as we reach a new milestone

50 and beyond – Have I found the meaning in life yet?

Why start this ? I have noticed a decline in my short term memory.  Not sure if it’s a sign of anything to worry about. As I am hitting my next milestone entering 50 , I figure it’ll be nice to be able to reflect back with the help of this journal, come what may. Over the last, hmm…. maybe 4 or 5 years , I’ve been muddling through  “What is the meaning in life?” phase. I call it a phase because I have seen quite a few going through similar struggle when they were/are in mid 40s to mid 50s. For me, it all started with a sense of… Read More

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