From left: 2012 Volpi Moscato, 2010 Mâcon-la Roche Vineuse Les Cras Olivier Merlin, 2013 Albert Bichot Beaujolais Nouveau, 2004 Chateau du Tetre Margaux, BBR Wm Pickering 20yr Tawny Port

November Wine Frenzy

It’s the time of the year again! I have been following the tradition of the new wine in November. Yes “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé !” My first posting about this interesting topic was two years ago. Since then, the special November wine always appeared at the right time on my dinner table. November Wine Frenzy Ponti had a great deal this year from the usual producer Albert Bichot. It was HK$149 per bottle, buy 2 get 1 free — truly a steal, cheapest in 3 years! After gathering the numbers from my network of wine lovers, we decided to go for 15. However I was too late in placing the order,… Read More

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Beaujolais Nouveau 2011 Heavier?

No body is serious about Beaujolais Nouveau.  It is supposed to be just a party drink, like a punch that you enjoy but never remember what it is.  That was the thought that came into my mind as I finished my last sip of the 2011 Albert Bichot Beaujolais Nouveau.  However, searching the memory of last year Nouveau, also by the same producer, it seems that there is more to this year’s Nouveau. The color looks slightly darker, and the body feels heavier.  Not too much as it is still rather light, but different enough for me to notice.  Besides the same rich fizzy cherry, the nose does show tint… Read More

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Les Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive — Hong Kong says “huh?”

Did some googling about Beaujolais Nouveau related topic in Hong Kong, yet found very little information.  A dinner activity was organized in LKF in 2007 on the Nouveau arrival day (15-Nov), but nothing was planned before and after. Some view the whole Beaujolais hype as more of a marketing ploy to sell cheap and immature wine for quick money, yet it’s kind of a thrill to drink the wine that is still grapes on the vine 2 months before.  If we put aside the traditional wine tasting pursuit for complication, it is kind of fun to go for the freshness of the “lightly fermented grape juice.” Anyway, Ponti Wine Cellars Hong Kong is… Read More

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