I wanted a memorable but quiet 50th birthday.  While DA and CBK were preparing my birthday dinner at home, I decided to spend the afternoon with Geraldine, my dearest  76 year old ex-neighbour.  We had dim sum with her 73 year old psychologist friend, Grace Mary.  It was a lovely afternoon at Discovery Bay Chinese restaurant.  Geraldine then took me back to her place to celebrate with a beautiful M&S lemon cake.   I learnt so much listening to both ladies sharing their  awesome life experiences.   When I am in my 70s, I want to be just like them.  Independent, active and still taking control of their own lives.  Will treasure their advice to never fully retire and always plan short term.

Beautiful M&S cake and tea with Geraldine at her place

Did I regret not fussing over my 50th birthday?

I see many friends celebrating their 50th in a big way over the last 18 months.  Bali, theme birthdays,  glamour dresses, blah, blah, blah.   Am I envious?  Not really.  Looking back, I  was not ready to accept I was half a century old.  How  could I  be 50 ?  Impossible!  My hair wasn’t greying … ok I admit there were a few silver strands but they were not obvious.  I could hide them as long as  I spent hours every other week plucking them.   A few younger girlfriends and colleagues  had to dye their hair but I didn’t have to.   Someone must have kidnapped and put me in a time machine that traveled 10 years to the future.  Either that or I was in a dream ahead of my time.

After all,  I finished school just a few years ago.  I remembered Mom and Grandma at my graduation.  Me in my bright red dress and lipstick and they beaming at me proudly.  Memories of my 30’s ; marrying the love of my life,  being pregnant and breastfeeding my beautiful baby.  It all felt just fairly recent.  50? No way! I was 40 the most.

Am I ready to tell the world? YES!  I was involuntarily inducted into the Fabulous Fifty Club and now proud to say I will be turning 52 soon.

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