2010 Cheteau Sénéjac, Haut-Médoc
A good friend of mine, whose knowledge of wine was comparable to a sommelier, once came up with this epic way of describing the typical Bordeaux red wine taste profile. “It’s the chicken poop that the Bordelais blend in their creation, to seduce all the Bordeaux lovers!”  Once the preposterous idea sank in, I did surrender to his deemed less sophisticated, yet down to earth, and rather impeccably precise description of the taste profile!

The combination of classic blackberry nose and taste, mixed with earthiness, tobacco, and toasted oak, all seem too fanciful for my friend. He just surmised it to one layman term — chicken poop!  What can I say, we all love the “chicken poop” smell/taste of a classic red Bordeaux!  I have to kowtow to him for such ingeniously straightforward words.   Perhaps the words weren’t his creation, but they were definitely Asian in origin.


I have gone a long way in acquiring my alcohol experience , from the very humble beginning of the wine world, beer liking and whisky exploration.  In the world of wine, I started with classic Bordeaux of Haut-Médoc, to an obscure local Umbira (Italy) varietal sagrantino.  Then for a long time, I was actively seeking out different stimulants, wandering around exotic varietal of grapes in wine, brands of ale and various distilleries of whisky. Yet in a normal night yesterday, ordinary and uneventful, I randomly pulled out a bottle of red wine from the chiller. It turned out to be something that brought me back in timeline.

2010 Cheteau Sénéjac, Haut-Médoc

2010 Cheteau SénéjacIt was like a home coming when I put my nose to this beautiful 2010 Cheteau Sénéjac. The ingenious “chicken poop”, the familiar taste that I have truly missed, oozed out flamboyantly as I have not tasted such a classic Haut-Médoc for a long long time! Cheteau Sénéjac was remarkably value for money as well.  The producer,  Alfred Tesseron of Chateau Pontet Canet in Pauillac did such a good job in creating the wine of grand cru classé quality while keeping the price tag way below the class!

So much about the unorthodox wine term. While the fun was to present a parallel prospective, the not so fun part was that it was my last bottle of this “chicken poop!” I shall keep my eyes wide open for any possible sighting of the 2010 Cheteau Sénéjac in the future.

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