Yamazaki 12 Years

Whisky here I come!

Wine to Whisky I went into the wine world without guidance, tasting all the bottles on the wine shelves at our local supermarket to begin with. This method seemed dull, yet pragmatic. There was something to gain after all the money spent. Now that my wine beginner path has passed, it’s time, after the constant reminders from people and other things around me, to tune my palate to another magic potion in growing popularity – whisky! Of course, with the peculiar winning of The World’s Best Single Malt Whisky (awarded by The World Whiskies Awards) by Japanese Yamazaki in 2012, and Taiwanese Kavalan this year, there’s naturally the urge to seek out… Read More

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Back to the Lovely Rioja – 2006 Vina Real Gran Reserva

2006 Vina Real Gran Reserva It has been a while when I had a true old school Rioja like Vina Real. Still mesmerizing, the beautiful tempranillo is teasing my taste buds with prune, chocolate and a hint of tobacco. The tannin has resolved into silky texture after 2 hours of airing. 2006 Vina Real Gran Reserva started its journey 9 years ago in this unique piece of land in Northern Spain called La Rioja. Although the age is relatively not very old considering the usual aging potential in wine world, the wine, with its fading dark ruby and pale purple tinted ring, begins to manifest its vintage charm. That charm… Read More

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2008 Fattoria Milziade Antano Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG, Umbria, Italy

Tannins – Sagrantino’s unique offering to Southeast Asian Food

We often hear that the wine has too much tannins. The term has more negative indication when it is mentioned. But wine connoisseurs know that tannins are not necessary bad element in wine. In fact, tannins are the building block for a fine wine that can age for long time. Not to say that every tannic wine can always keep for a long time, it is the other way round. A powerful wine that has a potential aging life of more than 10 years, will almost always begin with aggressive tannins and usually not approachable at all in youth. The initial strong tannins will hold the wine and gradually resolve to beautiful… Read More

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Descendientes de Jose Palacios Petalos 2011, Bierzo, Spain

Local or Global? – 2011 Petalos Bierzo

It was purely from advertisement, perhaps a random victim of email spam. My behavior was a calculated pattern by targeted marketing. Slurp.asia was successful in promoting the “Slurp deal” via their mailing list which I unintentionally signed up earlier. The results were some champagnes, a Rhone red and two bottles of this 2011 Petalos Bierzo (Descendientes de Jose Palacios Petalos, Bierzo, Spain) 2011 Descendientes de Jose Palacios Petalos Bierzo I acted like a zombie who sought RP as its food source.  So, HK$145 with high score RP92 was an apparent good deal. Furthermore, my intention was to grab the champagne, but in order to qualify for free delivery, getting these two… Read More

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