Yamazaki 12 Years

Auchentoshan Three Wood Whisky

Wine to Whisky

I went into the wine world without guidance, tasting all the bottles on the wine shelves at our local supermarket to begin with. This method seemed dull, yet pragmatic. There was something to gain after all the money spent.

Now that my wine beginner path has passed, it’s time, after the constant reminders from people and other things around me, to tune my palate to another magic potion in growing popularity – whisky!

Of course, with the peculiar winning of The World’s Best Single Malt Whisky (awarded by The World Whiskies Awards) by Japanese Yamazaki in 2012, and Taiwanese Kavalan this year, there’s naturally the urge to seek out the two.

Yamazaki 12 Years Old WhiskySearching the whisky…

Although I didn’t quite go into full force in searching for Yamazaki during my last trip to Nagano and Toyama, the antena was always on. It was half luck that I found the Yamazaki 12 years and 18 years in an obscure liquor shop at Nagano city. The luck was only half because the credit card machine was broken and I only had enough cash for the 12 year bottle!

The excitement was definitely to open the Yamazaki immediately! But then I remembered my wine experience, and told myself to hold on. Since whisky has historical roots from the Highlanders, I shall begin my journey from Scotch whisky. After some research (non-extensive), here I’m, starting with a distiller from the LowlandAuchentoshan. Save the Yamazaki, while sipping the Auchentoshan Three Wood for now.

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